My life journey and work has been a zig-zag path. I worked in the healthcare industry for 31 years as a research chemist, information scientist and manager. I continue to work in healthcare just from a different windows. Today the windows that I work from are embodiment, awareness, meditation, generative listening and the practices are Social Presencing Theater, Focusing, Speaking Circles, Leadership Embodiment, Art of Hosting, Organization Constellation with Systemic Coaching and Process work. 


Looking deeply within and listening


Over  30 years ago, when I asked myself what my deep inner calling was the answer came that I wanted to improve the quality of people's life through better healthcare. It was a deep inner calling.  The wanting has become more clear wanting to offer tools that empowered people to improve the quality of their lives through presence, listening with curiosity and a willingness to let go and come at the edge of the unknown. I have learned a lot along the way and I am still learning. 

Aligning with awareness and embodiment


My life and work continue to evolve in ways I’d never have imagined. By listening within with compassion and curiosity, I became aware of a richer level of knowing. And it turned out to be one that not only enriched my professional work, but also brought healing and growth to my personal life.

Today, presence, deeply listening, mindfulness and curiosity characterize my work. I model what I teach, providing examples from my own life that may be helpful in illuminating the process for you.


A lifelong learner, I’m continually refining my teaching while weaving in the tapestry of life’s experiences. I look deeply into my heart and soul and help others to do the same.


I’m committed to helping my clients  learn how to access the richness of their inner knowing. I enjoy finding new ways to touch and lighten people’s lives. I strive to bring light, movement, joy and meaning to individuals and through them, to the world.

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